Plywood Edge Trimming Cutting Saw

Established in 2007, Xinhuacheng is now a major manufacturer and exporter of quality Chinese woodworking machinery and accessories. Over the years.
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Established in 2007, Xinhuacheng is now a major manufacturer and exporter of quality Chinese woodworking machinery and accessories. Over the years, the growth of the company has been steady and strong - going hand in hand with continuous product improvement and customer loyalty and care. It is only through consistent service and customer satisfaction that any company can survive and prosper. This has been Xinhuacheng's mission and is clearly evident in the company's strength and the current range of the best quality woodworking machinery available to meet your creative applications and increased profitability.

Veneer trimming saw 

Plywood trimming saw should be equipped with an independent 0.75kw air compressor (w-0.9/8). Do not install the edge sawing machine in the open air, uneven ground, groundwater, rain leakage workshop, direct sunlight.

Cleaning requirements

After daily use, the edge sawing machine should be cleaned. Do not let dust contaminate the main parts of the wood edge sawing machine. Especially slide guide rail, saw shaft, electric control system, lift frame travel track. Cover it with canvas if you don't use it for a long time to avoid dust.

 Prohibited items

(1) Disassembly saw blade, fault maintenance is prohibited when live operation. (the circuit breaker of the saw bench should be cut off.)

(2) When the machine failure should immediately cut off the power supply, prohibit starting production. (it should be repaired by technicians before starting. Especially motor fault, circuit fault, spindle fault, sliding guide rail and bearing fault.

(3) Prohibit saw table motor reverse use.

(4) Prohibit the reverse use of the saw blade.

Size:1220*2440mm( It can be adjusted many sizes)

(1)1280mm≤The width of Plywood ≤1350mm

2500mm≤The length of Plywood≤2600mm

5mm≤The thickness of Plywood ≤28mm

(2) Two sides of plywood must be neat and concave and convex difference shall not be greater than 10 mm

2.2 Sawing plate feeding speed: 27 m/min

2.3 Saw shaft speed: 6800 RPM/min

2.4 Motor/Reducer

Vacuum cleaner motor: 4KW  2890r/min

Pump motor of lifting platform: 2.2kw 1430r/min

Saw shaft motor: 5.5 KW  2900 r/min

Conveyor speed reducer( before): 1.5 KW 1400 r/min 1:25.734

Conveyor speed reducer( middle): 0.75 KW 1400 r/min 1:25.734

Conveyor speed reducer( after): 1.5 KW 1400 r/min 1:25.734

2.5 Stroke of lift

Before lift (single) :1100 mm

After lift (double): 1800 mm

2.6 Net weight: 5000 kg

2.7 Oversize :11145mmX 5135 mm 

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