Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

DZG series biomass-fired steam boiler is a horizontal type, single drum, package vertical type water fire tube, and shell boiler
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DZG series biomass-fired steam boiler is a horizontal type, single drum, package vertical type water fire tube, and shell boiler.

The boiler adopts a combined upper and lower type, a quick-installed structure. The upper part is consists of boiler proper, drum, boiler setting, and insulation layers, etc, the bottom part was made up of a fixed rate.

The boiler adopts a horizontal type three pass water fire tube mixed structure, the drum was weld by tube sheet, cylindrical shell, and pipe. It has a downcomer of each side of the boiler, the downcomer sends the boiler water to side headers and water tube wall as a water circulation circuit, the boiler heating surface area at the right-left side of furnace collocate the water wall radiant heating surface and inter drum smoke tube convection heating surface.

The worker put the fuels from the front door or both sides boiler door to the high-temperature area of furnace, through preheating dry distillation, combustion and burn away become to slag drop into the slag pool which under the grate. Finally, the worker cleans out of the boiler.

The flue gas becomes to eddy between the front - back arch, and mixed fully with air, heating front arch to improve the firing condition at the same time. Through the exit smokestack which at the top of the arch and enter into the first convection smoke tube, passing the front smoke box enter into the secondary convection smoke tube, then through the economizer, dust collector of back smoker box, finally, will be discharged out off chimney by an induced draft fan.


Biomass pellet, Wood, Sawdust, Rice husk, Bagasse, etc.  


1: Lower operation cost, have the steam pressure and water leave protect equipment for ensuring operation safe and reliable.   

2: Higher thermal efficiency;

3: Hand-fired grate: feed fuel and clean slag by the worker.

4: It is a package boiler, just install the parts are valve gauge, tube, forced draft fan, induced draft fan, flue, dust collector and water electric system at the field, they can start to work. also has the feature of firing quickly, burning safely.

5: It is easy to transport and install, lower capital investment.

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