Plywood Cold Press Machine

4*4ft 500tons Plywood cold press machine machine,welcome to inquiry.
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This machine is suitable for modern fashion board, plywood, particle board, laminate, man-made board, furniture manufacturing, solid wood board furniture, sound box, plastic and wooden molds, etc.


Cold press for plywood making machine

The cold press is an auxiliary equipment of the plywood production line, which is used to shorten the hot pressing cycle and improve the quality of the plywood before the plywood. Cold press is a type of press. The cold press is mainly used to press the glued veneer to make the initial shape, and then put it into the hot press for pressing. Improving the quality of plywood is very important, this is a very important part. The cold press is generally composed of a frame, a fixed beam, a movable beam, a printing plate device, an oil cylinder and a hydraulic system, and an electric control device.

The advantages of our prepress equipment:

1. Easy operation, reasonable design and stable performance

2. Fast and efficient suppression.

3. Emergency safety brake.

Items   modelXHCCP-500-2-360-1200
Rated pressure25Mpa
Working stroke900
Closing time30S
Total motor power7.5KW

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