6 Layers Cold Press

Plywood cold press with loading system and 500 ton Cold Press with conveyor loading system
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Plywood can be made effectively without trouble from high moisture veneer..Troubles inside hot press caused by turning of veneer and produced rate of inferior plywood were remarkably decreased and as a result, operation rate of hot press was raised up. Control by pressure gauge with micro switches, and compresses automatically if pressure will be down from your setting pressure New designed frame, to ensure machine steady and use life The ram use metal FCD-50, hardness 50~60 with high accuracy processing. the dense proper high not easy oil leak to lengthen the service life, reduce the cost of maintenance

 It comprises 5 units which are 4 daylights of main engine for cold press, hydraulic auto loader with long stroke, central control oil press, central control cabinet for a complete automatic cold press system.

It is designed special main engine to fit each daylight for pressing & used strong steel of h shape to adopt the fulcrum of top plate of main engine & frame .It gets united the base of the front & the rear lift table & their smart appearance .Except for original slide gear, it uses the h shape & add leading gear to ensure smooth during weight in working order .

To adapt bottom ram type, each daylight uses small pressing space design which can gradually go on feed plate right away for pressing. It improves the quantity of products in large and the quantity of products indirectly.

It is a fully automatic control by programming controller to feed plate ,pressing of each daylight ,pressing time ,unloading & setting pressure..

Ram for oil cylinder uses the special FCD-50 (HARDNESS HRC 50~60) with high accuracy processing which belongs to famous plant inside the country .It is not liable to leak oil out so that it can inside the country .It is not liable to leak oil out so that it can inside the country .

It is not liable to leak oil out .

500T cold    press 500T







6 Opening 500T

Total   pressure 


Board feeding   direction

Transverse     and  full automatic(three Power roller)


6 layers

Layer   spacing 


Middle     beam 

Number of hot   press   plate:6pcs

Size:2700*1370*400(The   first   layer),2700*1370*350(The second,third ,fourth,fifth) roller   conveyor


 Cylinder     for cold  press machine 


Wuxi cylinder

Seal:4pcs rubber   seals per pcs of cylinder


Hydraulic system   for cold  press machine 

Compression     resistance:25Mpa

High pressure   pump flowing:31ML/R

Low pressure   pump flowing:315ML/R

Motor   power:15kw+15kw+15kw

Overall   dimension 



about 38T

Heating   treatment

Thickness     of the frame 

Composite frame     :Assemble


Upper and bottom   beam:1000mm and 900mm

Main   boby:30mm,Q235

Middle   beam:400mm

Table     lift(with Power roller) 

Overall     dimension:6000*1350*600MM

Working   stroke:4200mm


motor power:3kw

Load   bearing:about 1.5T

Weight:About 2T

Notes:1:PLC     (VIGOR http://www.vigorplc.com.tw) AND TOUCHGREEN(PANELMASTER     http://www.panelmaster.com.cn )FROM TAIWAN.

2:Relays(abb   from   Swiss),contactor switch(SHILIN from Taiwan)

3:Logic   valve(JIUGANG   from Taiwan),Power(BIAOSHEN from China)

4:Heating     treatment:the annealing furnace is  one   of the highlights in our   company.When the machine are finished the weld,it   will be put into the   annealing furnace which increases the tenacity and   prolonged the   durable use.

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