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25 Openings 600tons Furniture Hot Press is one of the main equipments in the production process. It is used for the hot-pressing and bonding of the glued type. Different types of plywood have different requirements for the performance of the machine. In general, the pressure required for the production of aviation plywood, plastic laminate, wood-laminated plastic board and marine plywood increases sequentially.

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1. Chip preparation part

      The drum chipper restores the raw materials to qualified chips, and then transfers the chips to the chip box, and then sends them to the knife ring flaker, through the chip machine to turn the chips into flakes, and then store the flakes in the wet flake bin.

2. Drying and screening department

     The sheet discharged from the wet film bin is transported to the rotary dryer. Qualified core flakes are stored in the core flake bin; the oversized flakes are sent to the mill for re-crushing, and then transported to the surface bin.

3. Glue mixing department

      After washing, the qualified glue should be mixed effectively and uniformly in a qualified glue mixer.

4. Forming and hot pressing part

     The surface and core flakes are fed into the sorter and are uniformly formed on the dunnage conveyor. After processing by the metal remover, pre-press, longitudinal saw, cross saw, acceleration conveyor, scraping conveyor, storage conveyor and loading conveyor, the mat will be transported to the carrier and then heated. The pressed blank board is pushed to the unloader through the pallet.

 5. Cooling and sizing part

     The blank is conveyed to the star cooler for cooling, and then the blank is passed through a side trimming saw to become a qualified particleboard and stacked on a hydraulic elevator.

6. Sanding Department

      Wood boards are polished, inspected and stored

      The pad forming part is controlled by PLC.

Main features as following:

1. This machine is a combination of single parts, small in size, easy to carry and assemble.

2. The inlet and outlet hoses are made of heat-resistant resin patterns, and the outer spokes are flexible, with a long service life, not easy to damage, and a service life of about 10 years.

3. The main components of the hydraulic device are installed on the top of the main engine, occupying a small space, and the oil outlet pipe has been assembled before leaving the factory.

4. The foundation is shallow, the deepest part is less than 1.5m, easy to clean and maintain, good safety, and low cost.

5. Low installed power and fast closing speed.

6. Good synchronization, smooth movement and little vibration.

Items modelXHC-25-70-42-360-2
Rated   pressure25Mpa
Hot press   plate size2700×1350×42mm
Disdance of   hot platens70mm
Number of hot   press plate26
Closing time≦20S
Total motor   power45KW
Overall   dimension3555*1350*5790mm
Heating   materialWater,steam or oil

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