30 Openings Hydraulic Heating Press Machine

30 openings hydraulic hot press machine with loader and unloading is widely used in producing plywood.
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Established in 2007, Xinhuacheng is now a major manufacturer and exporter of quality Chinese woodworking machinery and accessories. Over the years, the growth of the company has been steady and strong - going hand in hand with continuous product improvement and customer loyalty and care. It is only through consistent service and customer satisfaction that any company can survive and prosper. This has been Xinhuacheng's mission and is clearly evident in the company's strength and current range of the best quality woodworking machinery available to meet your creative applications and inAdvantages of our products:

1. Strict controlling management of raw materials, the mainframe is welded by standard steel plate(Q235 or Q345).

2.Using domestic and international premium accessories and valve blocks of famous brands, greatly reducing the failure rate.

3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, never cut corners to ensure product quality.

4. High degree autonomy, accessories machinery requiring most can be machined independently through our own production, achieve excellence. 

5.Timely service, product quality assured. Plywood hot press machine can also be used for laminating melamine paper on finished plywood . Plywood is the ideal product widely used in all kinds of furniture, office supplies, combination speaker, packaging exhibition and other industries. Main sections of the plywood production line include the peeling section, the veneer drying section, the gluing section, cold press section, hot press section, saw edge section, sanding section.....etc.The thickness range of plywood is generally the 2.4-28mm, board width is generally 915-1220mm. We can design and manufacture any size according to users’ requirements.creased profitability.

30 openings hydraulic plywood hot press machine

1.30 openings hot press machine with loader and unload is widely used in producing plywood. (If you need to buy the loader and unload system, you have to control the thickness of plywood 3mm-25mm. we suggest that one hot press is doing the 3mm-18mm and another one is doing the 18mm-25mm).

2. The main frame is welded by standard steel plate, good design of frame and structure, strong rigidity, and ensure high pressure. We will put the frame of hot press into the annealing furnace for three days. This step helps our machine to extend usage life and not easy to be out of shape.
3. The microcomputer control system is made by a good quality hydraulic unit, fast press, accurate press, high efficiency. The system is made by ourselves. We have the plywood factories which help us to update the control system in a period of time. It is controlled automatically. When the temperature or the pressure is too high, it will be decompression.

3. The hydraulic circuit is composed of integrated blocks and compact in structure, ensuring accurate and reliable action of the system.
5. we can make according to customers' request.

We like to challenge everything in the woodworking machine. We do our best to save the human cost in the line of the workshop. There is one factory for us to test. Automatic machines instead of workers is a trend in recent years. Now we are fighting for it. Also, we have produced some effects on this. Like the hot press, if you need semi-automatic 30 openings hot press, there two people can charge for 2 sets of hot press.

If you are interested in it, welcome to visit our plywood factory. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

30 openings plywood hot press

1)Simple combined structure, easy for transportation, installation, and maintenance
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in hydraulic parts,  electric parts, and operation parts.
3) Lifting cylinder to accelerate the closing and opening time and with much less working noise.
4) Running in high automation and Intelligent, no pollution 
5) Working with the pressure detector system and a controlled system running by the solenoid valve.

The plywood cold & hot press machine is used for plywood production, its function is pressing the veneers which with glue together under high pressure and high temperature, the machine is a hydraulic system, the heating method can be both steam heating and hot oil heating