30 openings 600T Veneer Heat Press Machine

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Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Group is located in Zhangzhou, Fujian. The city is close to Xiamen, and it only takes 40 minutes from the airport to the factory. Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Plywood are the group's main industries.

Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to research and development of plywood equipment and the automation performance of plywood equipment. The main products include fully automatic hot press,30 openings veneer hot press machine, cold press, automatic saw table, and other related plywood equipment. Based on the principle of "quality first, service first", the company provides users with more stable and cost-effective equipment.

Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 60 acres. There are finishing equipment, boring and milling machines, annealing furnaces, etc. in the workshop. The company has multiple parts, such as research and development department, business department, technology department, research and development department, purchasing department, production workshop, etc., with up to 300 employees.

Through many years' practice and continuous improvment, we introduced newest model veneer heat press machine with the advantages of much more convenient, high efficience and energy-saving. It is generally used in core veneer's dehumidification, drying an leveling.Production of plywood veneer dryer is the main equipment.Just peeling off the veneer moisture content is very high, veneer drying machine is mainly used for drying veneer, which is based on the economy, the loss of the smallest on the plate means to reduce the moisture content of the board to reach process requirements.

Our product has the following advantages:

1. The machine adopts lever spring simultaneous closures system, which makes each core veneer closed simultaneously

2. After special processing, hot platen has a favorable tide exhaust tank on both sides, which makes venner exhause wet gas fast and efficiently.

3. The self-developed PLC systen can set the number and time of exhaust wet gas according to the humidity of core veneer.

4. Oil cylinder is easy to maintain, and also its failure rate is low. Besides, it adopts a upper cylinder mode.

Heat Press Machine Parameters:
Nominal Total Pressure8000KN 
Rated Pressure25MPa
Size of Hot Platen2700*1350*52MM(Q235)
Specification of Main Oil Cylinder360*3PCS
Interlayer Spacing80MM
Total Weight37000KG
Heating MediumSaturated water
Closing Time20S
Number of Hot Plates31PCS
Thickness of Board5-30MM
Way of FeedingHorizontal
Thickness of Frame30MM

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