5 application advantages of pulse pressure welding machine

- May 27, 2020-

The pulse pressure welding machine is also often called the pulsing heat pressing machine, which is mainly used for the heat pressure welding of FPC and FPC or PCB. The industry of the pulse welding machine is more and more extensive. If you plan to introduce such equipment, you can first understand the characteristics of the pulse welding machine.

Five advantages of pulse welding machine:

1. Using pulse heating technology, accurate temperature control, the temperature sampling frequency is 0.1s;

2. There are various operation modes such as single operation channel, rotating operation channel, left and right mobile channels, etc .;

3. Multi-stage heating control, real-time temperature curve appears;

4. The CCD vision system provides accurate alignment;

5. Pre-store large-capacity programs. Touch operation interface, program password protection.