Analysis of the reason why pulse hot pressing machine and hotbar machine cannot weld

- Apr 15, 2020-

When we debug the hot bar machine of the pulse hot press machine and the customers in operation, we often encounter the situation that it seems that the welding is not good. After practice, the hot press machine manufacturers can analyze from the following aspects.

1. The flatness of the welding head

Among all the conditions where welding is not good, the situation where the welding head and the product to be welded, FPC, FFC, and wire are not adjusted flat is particularly outstanding.

The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Tooling fixture is not flat

2. When the welding head is pressurized, the flatness of the welding head and the product to be welded will not work.

When the welding head cylinder of the pulse hot pressing machine is pressed down, due to unreasonable bottom tooling fixture planning and other reasons, the force at each point that constitutes the support part is not balanced, which will also cause the welding head (electrode) to be welded together Together.

3. The welding head electrode itself is not flat

The welding head is not flat when processed.

B The welding head (electrode) has been used for a long time, and the oxidation is uneven.

C The cleaning method of the welding head is not correct, which makes the welding head uneven.

2. Impurities on the surface of the welding head (electrode) constitute under-heat transfer

Because tin has rosin flux, the electrode of the welding head will have impurities attached to the electrode of the welding head after the welding time is long. This will cause the heat to be transferred to the welded product, the welding heat is not enough, and the welding is poor. Therefore, we have to clean the welding head electrode frequently.

3. The unreasonable electrode planning constitutes poor soldering and soldering, and the pulling force is not good.

We use more welding heads when welding, and the welding end face is flat. Because of the relative pressure required during welding, tin cannot climb through the FPC hole well. A good solution to this situation is to plan for a weld head with grooves to allow the tin to climb up well.