Boiler for hot press and pneumatic hot press

- Jan 13, 2020-

Aspect 1: Understanding of steam boilers and heat transfer oil furnaces for plywood.

Aspect 2: Application range of pneumatic hot press.

Both of the above are related to the hot press, so we must also master this product. So, let's do it immediately.

1. Understanding of steam boiler and plywood heat transfer oil furnace for hot press

Steam boilers for hot presses generally use special steam boilers and are equipped with burners with excellent technical performance, advanced technologies such as automatic proportional adjustment, and some automatic protection functions to make their use more secure and reliable. And make it able to have good sealing performance.

The plywood heat-conducting oil furnace for hot presses mainly includes the two parts of the boiler body and auxiliary equipment. Among them, there are many parts of the boiler body, and the most important are the two parts of the furnace and the drum.

2. Application range of pneumatic hot press

Pneumatic hot press, which is a kind of hot press, is also widely used in electronics, printing, plastics, furniture, and automotive industries. It is mainly used for hot press forming and pressing. Loading, punching, and punching.