Cold press machine maintenance

- May 18, 2019-

A, daily maintenance of the machine:

(1) The machine should be kept clean, and the transmission parts and rotating connection points should be kept lubricated.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to pile up debris on the machine tool.

(3) Check the screws on the flange of the cylinder and the tightening flange of the cylinder rod and the upper pressure plate once a day.

Move and tighten in time

(4) Check the oil circuit for leaks every day and repair it in time.

(5) Check the oil in the fuel tank once a week: focus on checking whether the oil is too dirty and replace it in time: oil

Is the amount sufficient and raises it in time.

(6) Check the use of the positioning roller and the lifting balance gear and the rack of the pressure plate once a day.

B. Maintenance of the machine during operation

(1), operate the machine tool according to the correct operation method, and it is strictly prohibited to press the workpiece beyond the original design processing range.

(2), according to the correct method of placing the workpiece, it is strictly prohibited to press the edge and the uneven pressure.

C, machine tool maintenance cycle

(1) Before each machining of the workpiece, check whether the transmission parts and safety devices of the machine tool are correct. and

Empty the machine once and check if it is working correctly. Flexible and reliable.

(2) Perform a major overhaul every month, focusing on checking the components and other lines in the machine tool box.

The use of the limit switch. Lubrication and wear of each transmission component, each safety

Secure the assembly and adjust or replace it.

(3) Check the use of the oil cylinder, oil and oil pressure system, and focus on whether the oil needs to be more

Change, whether there is leakage on each oil circuit interface, whether the system pressure is normal, etc.

D, maintenance of the machine tool during storage

(1) If the machine tool is not in use, the machine tool should be cleaned and the transmission parts should be lubricated.

Place the machine in a package.