Cold press operating procedures

- Nov 20, 2018-

Cold press operating procedures

Preparation before operation

(1) Clean the cold press machine (including the glue on the light board) and the work site;

(2) Check whether there is oil leakage in the oil bed and oil circuit;

(3) Check if the oil pump cycle switch is open;

(4) Prepare materials and accessories (pad, paper, etc.).

Operating procedure

(1) First, use the feather duster to sweep the dust on the surface of the workpiece. If there is oil, it must be cleaned, and then coated with uniform urea-formaldehyde glue;

(2), the glued workpiece is covered with a thin wood and placed in a cold press;

(3) For each plate of one specification, the first piece of self-test must be made, and whether the kanban is displaced or not, to see if the glue is firm;

(4) After the cold press is finished, cut off the power supply and clean the remaining materials.


(1) The operator must be qualified before being trained, and the non-operator must not operate the machine;

(2) Keep the press clean and evenly stressed;

(3) Keep the oil circuit switch open;

(4) During the lifting process of the press, it is strictly prohibited to extend the hand into the press;

(5) The press after use should be kept closed.