Cold press safety operation program

- May 16, 2019-

The cold press is mainly suitable for the furniture manufacturing industry and is suitable for all kinds of plates and door presses. It is used for cold-bonding and bonding furniture panel door panel to flatten and shape. It has good pressing quality, fast speed and high efficiency. It is widely used in furniture manufacturers and straw door manufacturers.

Cold pressure safe operating procedure

1. Purpose: Safe use of equipment, standardize the operation of the press plate to ensure that the product meets the quality requirements

2. Scope of application: cold press press door, press plate operation process

3. Equipment, tools and materials preparation before operation

4. Before the operation, the oil circuit, circuit and pressure plate of the cold press should be inspected thoroughly, and the empty car should be tested.

Confirmation is good before you can work;

5. Check if the pressure system of the machine is normal, check whether the oil pump of the press, the oil passage is smooth and whether there is oil leakage. Clean the machine (including the glue damaged by the light board) and the working site with an air gun, and keep it clean at all times; prepare the substrate to be processed, the MDF and check the size and shape of the workpiece. Is there any scratch on the surface? Defects such as flower collapse;