What is the difference between a hot press and a cold press?

- Oct 19, 2018-

 What is the difference between a hot press and a cold press?


Both cold presses and hot presses are used for flattening, bonding, veneering and pressing of sheets. As the name implies, the cold press is only pressed at room temperature, and the hot press can heat the sheet, the temperature can be up to 300 degrees, and the flatness of the hot press is higher.

 Cold press

Customers can choose according to their own production requirements, and can choose cold pressing for adhesives and production efficiency. Because cold pressing takes a long time, sometimes it takes 3-4 hours or more, customers can press Multiple machines are required to allow workers to use them at the same time. In the market, cold presses are widely used in the production of wooden doors and panel cabinets. And if the customer asks for quick-drying, high-efficiency, hot-press machine, hot press with heating system, each press separately, used for thermocompression bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors and Artificial boards.

 Hot Press

After years of development, the current cold-pressing heat pressure on the domestic market is very mature in terms of technology, and the operation of the machine is becoming increasingly simple. “In this respect, the machines we produce are quite simple to operate. The pressure, temperature and time can be set, and the degree of automation is high. The general workers can easily get started.”