Hot Press boiler and pneumatic hot pressing machine understand

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. Hot-Press steam boilers and plywood heat-conducting oil furnace understanding

Hot-Press steam boilers, which are generally the use of special steam boilers, and equipped with excellent technical performance of the burner, as well as automatic proportional adjustment and other advanced technology, in addition to some automatic protection function, so that its use more secure and reliable, and make it able to have good sealing performance.

Hot-Pressing machine plywood heat-conducting oil furnace, which mainly includes the boiler body and auxiliary equipment of these two parts, of which, the boiler body parts have a lot of, the most important, is the furnace and drum these two parts.

2. Pneumatic hot pressing machine's application scope Pneumatic Hot Press, it is a hot press, its application is very extensive, in the electronics, printing, plastics, furniture and automotive industries can be used, mainly used for hot pressing molding, pressure, punching and punching and other operations.