How should the blade of the edge saw be maintained?

- Mar 26, 2020-

In fact, the sawing machine is a set of equipment that is widely used in the processing of sheet metal. In addition, in order to ensure that its role is to ensure its protection and maintenance, and its operating procedures, the operator How to maintain the saw blade of the edge machine?

Maintaining the saw blade is very important. In the process of use, it is still necessary to pay attention to maintaining it. With regard to the saw blade, many localities such as its inner diameter correction and positioning hole processing are handled by the manufacturer. However, if it is not used for a long time, it needs to be laid flat or suspended using the inner hole. Do not stack other articles or feet on the saw blade. It is important to pay attention to moisture and rust, otherwise, it will affect the use of the product. When the saw blade is no longer sharp, you need to carry it out in time. Refinish so that talent can ensure normal use.

Of course, when we use it, we ca n’t just maintain the saw blades. The entire equipment should be protected. It is common to use smooth oil to smooth, on the one hand, to prevent it from rusting, and on the other hand, to make it operate more and more.

Safety operation rules for sawing machine

1. Please read the operation manual before the operation, and understand the constraints of machinery and other possible dangers.

2. Initial operation or electrical circuit adjustment. After the power is turned on, it is necessary to jog to confirm whether the saw shaft is rotating in the correct direction.

3. When operating, all safety covers need to be worn.

4. The machine needs a ground wire to prevent leakage.

5. Before the machine is launched, all things and sundries should not be placed on the machine.

6, before replacing the saw blade, adjusting or doing repairs and maintenance, the power needs to be turned off.

7. During mechanical operation, do not open the transmission safety cover.

8. Keep the work area clean.

9. Please turn off the power before leaving the machine.

The above summary of the knowledge about the sawing machine, I don't know how much we have learned after reading it. In fact, this knowledge is also popularization of knowledge for many operators, because each machine only needs to be properly maintained. Standard artificial processes can be used for a long time.