How to choose hot pressing welding machine for optical device optical module?

- May 22, 2020-

FPC / FFC welding requirements for optical communication products such as optical modules and optical devices are quite high. The main advantages of using equipment to achieve the following are

1. Adopt an advanced section control temperature control system, which can flexibly set the heating status of each section. Parameters such as temperature and time can be controlled with high precision.

2. The rapid and stable temperature rise and the local instantaneous heating method can well suppress the thermal influence on the surrounding components.

3. Energized heating and power-off cooling are performed at the same time under pressure to prevent the joint from floating and virtual welding.

4. The closed-loop online feedback control of the thermocouple improves the temperature accuracy, and the temperature control accuracy is about 5%.

5. Welding pressure, welding time, and welding temperature can be adjusted accurately.

6. It can store 20 groups of welding parameters and it is very convenient when changing products.

7. The welding consistency is good, the welding strength is high, the welding spot is beautiful, and the operation is simple. There is no requirement for the operator.