How to maintain the hot press?

- Feb 20, 2020-

No matter how advanced, even the best quality items need to be maintained. Of course, the hot press is no exception. So how to maintain the hot press? Here is a brief introduction for you:

Our company is a professional manufacturer of hot presses. We have a very deep research on them. For the maintenance of hot presses, we have our own method. I hope we can help everyone.

First of all, we need to check the whole machine on a regular basis for a period of basically six months. The surface of the large piston and the loader piston are worn and corroded. In particular, the section of the seal ring that is intended to be at the highest position is required. Then we need to pay attention Whether the parts are consistent when the hot-pressing plate is heated up; the wear of all large and small seals of the hydraulic system and the wear of all valve cores, springs, and valves; the wear of gears, pulleys and guide rails; the wear and seal of internal parts of each oil pump Situation; the horizontal position and basic situation of the base and the frame. As long as you have done these points, the hot press can be well maintained, and its service life can be extended, and the chain will not be dropped at your critical moment. I hope everyone can follow the above points.