How to prevent the heat from flowing back on the single-sided hot press?

- May 20, 2020-

As one of the indispensable machinery and equipment in the whole process of manufacturing veneer board, the single-sided double-sided plywood machine has its very important practical significance. If there is any problem with the single-sided double-sided plywood machine itself, it will not only cause harm to its own use period but also cause damage to the quality of the plywood board.

In order to be able to apply the single-sided and double-sided splicing machine more strongly, it must be mastered at all levels before the application. Only the structure of the splicing machine can be fully grasped to ensure the stronger work of the splicing machine. In addition, if there is a "small problem" such as heat generation and backflow of the single-sided sticking and joining machine, it must also be noted, because this problem may immediately jeopardize the quality of the manufactured goods.

First of all, it must be ensured that the plywood has the same total flow; afterward, it must be placed smoothly at the bottom of the single-sided double-sided plywood machine, and if it is not smooth, it should be placed in the high-rise residence; in addition, the upper and lower double layers To use asbestos for thermal insulation, the purpose of doing so depends on avoiding the harm caused by the overheating of the single and double-sided plywood machine; in order to achieve the ideal total flow of hot laminated plywood, the plywood must be operated separately In this way, good practical results can be achieved under some unique conditions.

Therefore, when the heat generation flow back from the single-sided double-sided plywood machine must be paid attention to, the solution should be carried out according to the above method, so that the excess property loss can be reasonably prevented. In addition to paying attention to preventing the emergence of the above-mentioned problems, we must also learn to distinguish it from other production processes.

Because of the basic principle of lamination of the single-sided double-sided plywood machine, we can understand that it is the key to the production and processing of certain thin and thick plywood plates, which promotes the better performance of the board. The single-sided double-sided plywood machine has low cost, simple actual operation, very easy for employees to get started, and the production and processing rate of goods is medium level.