The answer to the problem of hot press and its knowledge explanation

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. If there is carbon in the hot press, then how to clean it? 

A: The carbon in the hot press, if it is compared, and more concentrated, then you can use a soft scraper to remove it, this is a mechanical method.

If the use of chemical methods, the parts are immersed in caustic soda and other solutions, so that the carbon is soft, and then can be scraped away, however, in this operation, the compressed air to dry, so that its dry.

2. Use cold press to produce plywood without hot press?

A: Plywood production, if the use of cold press, can only preload molding, is not able to fully meet production requirements, it is still necessary to use the hot press. Hot Press, its hydraulic system is also very important and critical, its basic work requirements are: to be able to quickly close, and to maintain good stability, at the same time it is to assess the performance of two important indicators.