The difference between automatic glue machine and automatic glue machine

- Apr 13, 2020-

Although they all continue to dispense glue, they can also paint differently, but this one has the following differences:

1. The mold clamping force is different: the automatic dispensing machine and the automatic glue machine are all continuous glue, but the previous one is the continuous gap glue because the processing technology of the glue machine and the glue is different, the glue head It is also much smaller than the head of the gluing machine, so the output force of the automatic dispenser is much smaller than that of the gluing machine.

2. The available super glues are different: Generally speaking, suitable super glues for automatic glue spraying machines are yellow glue, white glue, environmental protection spray guns, and automatic glue dispensers are suitable for some resistors. Separation of glue is not as efficient as automatic glue spreading machine.

Third, the available manufacturing industries are different: the automatic glue machine is only suitable for leather goods bags, gift boxes and other manufacturing industries where the total area of paint must be sprayed. The automatic glue dispenser is suitable for the electronic industry, car mechanical parts sizing, mobile phones Keyboard glue, mobile phone package, notebook battery package, electromagnetic coil glue, PCB board glue, IC glue, audio speaker outside glue, PDA glue, LCD glue, IC package, IC bonding, shell adhesive Cooperation, production and processing of electronic optical components, mechanical seals, etc.

In summary, the automatic dispensing machine and the automatic glue machine have their own advantages. If you only apply a large area to the glue, you can choose the automatic glue machine. If the piece you have to spray paint belongs to the electronics industry, More detailed, it is recommended to choose an automatic dispenser.