The four-post two-beam hydraulic press can be placed directly on the flat ground to work

- Jun 16, 2020-

The four-column two-beam hydraulic press has a low height, which is convenient for transportation and hoisting. The height of the plant is not large. The part with a large surface area is in contact with the ground, and it can work directly on flat ground without needing to lower the foundation. Due to the long length and difficulty in disassembly and assembly, the accuracy of other types of hydraulic machines cannot be guaranteed. For example, the disassembly and assembly of the wheel axle are solved by a four-column two-beam hydraulic machine.

The action block of the four-post two-beam hydraulic machine has high efficiency, reducing the movement of the push-pull cylinder cloth and the block; the manufacturing cost is low, and the size and importance of the original vertical base are also reduced; the four-post two-beam hydraulic machine is assembled and Maintenance and overhaul are safe and convenient. They can be completed on the ground without climbing up and down.