The hot press manufacturing industry should pay attention to the integration of technology and automated processing

- May 29, 2020-

As the automation of the processing process continues to heat up, in order to meet the changing needs of the market, hot press manufacturing companies have begun to shift their focus from production and variety to the integration of hot press manufacturing technology and automated processing, and how to use digital methods to further improve The accuracy of the hot press.

  Generally speaking, the grinding process is a precision process that guarantees the final process size and accuracy in mechanical processing, which requires the hot press to have high manufacturing and assembly accuracy. But the modern manufacturing industry's requirements for hot presses are not limited to this, but also require a high degree of automation of hot presses, but if someone asks what functions the hot press has, can it be called an automated hot press, Because grinding processes vary widely, they cannot be generalized. At present, there are only four types of automation: first, automation to achieve the precision that cannot be achieved by manual (or unskilled technicians); second, automation to achieve consistency of product accuracy that cannot be achieved by manual; second, automation to achieve difficult to achieve by manual Efficiency; Finally, automation to shorten the time for manual setup, adjustment and card installation.

But in the process of pursuing automation, the first thing that should be clear is, what is the purpose of automation? The answer is nothing more than maximizing the production cost while ensuring quality. This should mainly consider two factors, one is the machine tool itself, and the other is the processing technology.

The degree of automation required is very high for the machine tool itself, and not all equipment has these functions. The machine tool needs to have a modular design that can meet the needs of different users for flexible processing. In addition, the machine tool also needs to have a very high calculation speed and a very wide interface to enhance the matching with the automation system.