Tracking the development of hot presses

- Feb 24, 2020-

When it comes to hot presses, many people don't know very well. As the name suggests, this is a special type of mechanical equipment. Hotpress is one of the important equipment for the production of wood-based panel products. This professional equipment has a great effect and is of great significance for the development of the wood-based panel industry. Let's trace the development of hot press equipment together.

When the hot press first appeared, it was a multi-layer hot press. This kind of equipment was borrowed and adapted from the press used in the textile industry. Although the original multi-layer technology was not perfect, it has the form of modern multi-layer machines. Loading and unloading board systems, heating devices, press closing, and opening devices, etc. have appeared. Later, the multi-layer laminator achieved great success in the production of particleboard and was popularized. At this time, the main manufacturers of wood-based panel laminators were mainly concentrated in Europe. With the promotion of the technology of multi-layer laminators, the Americas and some Asian countries including China have also joined the multi-laminator equipment suppliers. List.