Understand the correct operation process of hydraulic cold press

- May 09, 2020-

Now hydraulic cold presses are more and more popular with a wide range of users and have a wide range of applications. In order to end the various actions and operations of the cold press, in addition to correctly grasping some of its maintenance methods, we must also understand the precautions for the use of the hydraulic cold press, and also require our users to operate correctly, but about some New users may not know the detailed operation process. Today Xiaobian leads us to understand the correct operation process of the hydraulic cold press. The details are as follows:

The correct operation process of the hydraulic cold press:

1. Before operating the machine tool, you must read its operation manual in detail.

2. The machine tool must be connected to a solid grounding device before being connected to the power supply.

3. The power cord of the machine tool needs to be connected to the power supply with a protection switch, and check whether the voltage and frequency of the power supply are suitable.

4. Before operating the machine tool, you must first recognize whether the motor's working direction is correct, otherwise, you must change the wiring orientation of the power phase.

5. Before operating the machine tool, first, check whether the safety protection equipment is normal and whether any parts are loose or damaged, otherwise, it should be adjusted and replaced in time to ensure its normal function. And remember to remove all adjustment tools.

6. When operating the machine tool, you must wear tight clothes to prevent wearing loose clothes or wearing a tie, watch, bracelet, etc. Those with long hair need to wear a work cap to cover long hair.

7. During the operation of the machine tool, all safety protection equipment can not be removed or opened in private.

8. When the machine tool is in operation, prevent the operator from leaving the job position.

9. Prevent the processing of workpieces that exceed the original design function of the machine tool and the use of accessories that exceed the design function of the machine tool.

10. Poor physical condition or drunkenness prevents the operation of machine tools.

11. Before checking, repairing, and cleaning the machine tool, the total power supply of the machine tool must be blocked.

12. After the operation of the machine tool, the total power supply must be blocked, and the standby bed needs to be intermittently operated before leaving

Matters needing attention and protection when using hydraulic cold press:

1. During the operation of the cold press, pay attention to the various buttons on the machine, especially the three "up", "down" and "emergency switch", they are used in an emergency situation, if there is no special Try to prevent touching.

2. The correct operation of the cold press also includes daily protection of the cold press. Arrange on time, to ensure that the upper and lower iron plates are clean and smooth, and to prevent damage to the processed products during the binding process.

3. Every time when operating the cold press for restraint, it is necessary to prepare various auxiliary materials in advance to prevent the short material from forming a suspension during processing, which should not only affect the quality of the cold press restraint product, It also constitutes a relative influence.

4. During the operation of the machine, prevent hands and bodies from being placed under the pressure plate to prevent personal injury and constitute an accident at work.

5. The cold press should be guarded during operation to prevent accidents. If there is an accident, press the eager switch immediately to interrupt the machine.