What are the buying skills of steam boilers?

- Aug 27, 2019-

Steam boilers are special pressure equipment. Whether it is purchased, installed or used, strict operating standards must be implemented to minimize the risk factor. When we choose steam boilers, we must shop around and compare them to purchase a suitable steam boiler. So, what factors should we pay attention to?

1, performance: look at the quality of steam boilers mainly depends on its performance, such as exhaust temperature, thermal efficiency, pollutant emission coefficient and so on. The higher the thermal efficiency, the better, and the lower the exhaust gas temperature, the better.

2. Service: Before we buy a boiler, we must choose a good after-sales service manufacturer. This can avoid the problem that the boiler cannot be solved in time after a sudden accident, which affects the production efficiency of the enterprise.

3. Price: We must compare not only the cost of the steam boiler itself, but also the cost of the steam boiler auxiliary equipment and the cost of the boiler operation. A comprehensive comparison can select a cost-effective boiler equipment.

4. Safety: The safety performance of the boiler is the most important factor we need to consider. To ensure the safety of the boiler, we can guarantee the production benefits of the enterprise and the safety of the employees.

5. Operation: Some steam boiler control systems are not in place, and the control is rather cumbersome. After buying it, it is not easy to use, which will delay the time.

6. Energy saving: Energy saving and emission reduction are related to the cost of our use, so we need to choose an energy-efficient steam boiler.

7. Speed: The speed of the start-up speed will affect our production. Under normal circumstances, the steam boiler will not be open every day. If the start-up time is too long, it will not only waste fuel but also waste time.

8. Configuration: We have to choose not only a boiler body, but also soft water equipment, safety valves, sub-cylinders and other accessories.