What are the characteristics of the rotary pulse hot press and the points of attention of the press?

- Jan 15, 2020-

Regarding presses and hot presses, today I will continue to explain the relevant knowledge content, because this is also the main aspect of the website product, so we can't take it lightly and ignore it. So next, let's do it in detail. The hot press mainly explains the rotary pulse hot press. The specific content is as follows.

1.Characteristics of rotary pulse hot press

(1) The heating rate can be adjusted accordingly, and the pressure is balanced.

(2) The microcomputer is used for control, making its accuracy more accurate and stable.

2. Precautions for the press

(1) When operating and maintaining the press, its operators should pay attention to safety and cannot put their hands in the hot press, because this is very dangerous.

(2) In the case of thunderstorms, the press cannot be used for work.

(3) The press should be preheated before use and in accordance with the requirements to ensure good veneer quality.

(4) The oil pressure of the press should be within the specified normal range, and it should not be used in excess pressure.

(5) If there are no special circumstances, then its parameters cannot be changed at will, so as not to affect the use of the press and the processing quality of the product.

(6) The working time of the press should generally be stopped for four hours after 12 hours of continuous work to avoid damage to the equipment.