What are the daily maintenance of the glue machine?

- Apr 01, 2020-

No matter what kind of production equipment, proper maintenance operations can improve its service life and practicability. The applicator is a type of dispensing equipment commonly used in the dispensing process. It is assumed that the absence of formal maintenance operations will easily affect subsequent normal use and Dispensing effect, the primary role of daily maintenance of the applicator is to stabilize the equipment for production. Next, the professionals of the hot press manufacturer will introduce the daily maintenance of the glue machine.

Add oil

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the daily normal operating environment of the glue machine. The ideal operating environment should be dust-free, cool and dry, and not directly exposed to sunlight. It is assumed that there is more dust in the operating environment, and long-term accumulation simply affects the implementation system of the glue machine The degree of flow, so you need to regularly check whether there is dust accumulation in the bearing part to affect the dispensing flow rate. According to the actual situation, you can add lubricant to the three-axis dispensing bearing part.

Glue cleaning

During normal operation, some glue may remain on the surface of the workbench. This belongs to the field of routine maintenance of the applicator. If it is found that there is residual glue, it must be removed immediately to avoid this part of the glue affecting subsequent operations. It is assumed that dust and dirt directly It can be removed with a clean cloth, and the maintenance work is not done in vain, which can stabilize the dispensing effect.

Glue bubbles

The operator must understand the application points of the glue machine to improve the working power. The glue of the glue machine must be stored alone after use. It cannot be stored with the original glue. It must be stored at room temperature and without sunlight. The tightness of stored things can avoid air from mixing into the glue to generate bubbles, which directly affects the bonding strength and effect. The routine maintenance is only to avoid the problem of dispensing and to have a stable output environment.

Daily maintenance operations

After the high-strength operation of the glue, the applicator has a greater impact on the needle, it needs to be checked. If it is found that the tip is worn, it can replace the new dispensing needle. In fact, the daily maintenance of the glue applicator is not difficult, but it is more troublesome. It is often necessary to replace accessories or add lubricant. Every joint of the machine and equipment will rub, which will simply cause the glue to shift in the long run.