What are the functions of the gluing machine and the technical requirements of the roller gluing machine?

- Apr 02, 2020-

In fact, there are many aliases for glue applicators, such as glue scraper, coater, etc. refer to the same thing. In fact, they are all required to spray the liquid such as glue or paint with air pressure. The shaft coupling mode is selected, so what are the function of the glue applicator and the technical requirements of the roller type glue applicator? Let's take a look at the hot press manufacturer today!

What is the function of the glue machine?

(1) Horizontal gluing machine or double-acting gluing machine. The textile passes a slit between the gluing knife and the work roll, is coated with a thin film, and then passes through a platform heated by steam to evaporate the solvent and leave the glue Floor;

(2) Drum type gluing machine. There is a hollow metal drum heated by steam instead of a monotonous table;

(3) Vertical or inclined type impregnation machine. After the textile is soaked in the glue, the excess glue on the surface is scraped off by the coating knife and pressure roller. Then the solvent is evaporated by the vertical or inclined monotonic table and the rest Glue layer;

(4) Desktop gluing machine sprays paint such as glue or paint on the materials by air pressure. The equipment uses three-axis linkage, automatic operation, and is equipped with computer programming to control the spraying. Spray thickness and time can be set for easy operation.

A machine that replaces manual labor when a glue applicator is also called an automatic spraying machine, automatic spraying machine, or spraying machine in the profession. Technology and Principle Modification Technical requirements The performance of the gluing machine not only affects the quality of the veneer but also determines the amount of glue used, which affects the cost of plywood production.

Second, have the following technical requirements for the roller type gluing machine?

1) Advancing the uniformity of coating on the entire width of the veneer. The specific measures are as follows:

2) To ensure the manufacturing and equipment accuracy of the parts of the glue machine. Such as ensuring the full runout of the axis of the coating roller and the squeeze roller, the parallelism of the upper and lower coating rollers, and the parallelism of the squeeze roller and the coating roller.

3) Increase the diameter of the rubber roller appropriately.

4) Depending on the type of rubber, the hardness of the rubber covered by the rubber roller is different, and the shape and size of the groove on the surface of the roller are different.

5) In order to get used to veneers of different thicknesses, the interval between the upper and lower rubber rollers should be adjustable, and the thickness of the rubber layer should be easily controlled and scheduled. The thickness of the adhesive layer is mainly determined by the gap between the squeeze roller and the coating roller. The adjustment accuracy of the gap should be controlled at about 0.01mm, and the amount of glue applied is generally within the range of 105-430g / m2.

6) The wear-resistant and rust-proof ability of the components of the forward gluing machine are provided. The necessary safety protection devices are provided to advance the life of the gluing machine and ensure safe operation.