What are the precautions before refueling the hydraulic press?

- Jun 15, 2020-

1. Check and clean the hydraulic oil tank carefully before refueling. After filtering the oil through a 100 mesh or larger filter, inject it into the fuel tank. The hydraulic oil should be replaced every 8-12 months and should be checked regularly every month. When replacing, the effective volume of the hydraulic tank is about 520 liters. Note: Clean the fuel tank before refueling. The use of cotton or cotton cloth is strictly prohibited. It is recommended to use silk cloth or edible flour.

2. The hydraulic working fluid is recommended to use 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil, and the ambient temperature is 0-45°C.

3. When the hydraulic machine is filled with oil, pay attention to the height of the oil level in the middle position of the liquid level gauge, but it must not be lower than or exceed the range of the liquid level gauge. During the commissioning process, attention should be paid to the changes in the hydraulic oil level of the hydraulic press. After parking, replenish the low position of the oil standard, hydraulic oil.

Units using hydraulic presses should formulate maintenance and repair systems for the machines and strictly follow them. The maintenance of the hydraulic press shall be carried out by qualified technicians. The operator of the hydraulic machine can only perform simple maintenance on the protective devices, general lubricating parts, manual operating parts that only work on the mechanical parts, and the signs and signs of the hydraulic machine.