What are the sander classifications?

- Nov 05, 2019-

1.Disc sanding

Disc sanding is also called windmill sanding and sanding. The advantage is that it can usually carry out special sanding. The disadvantage is that the heat dissipation performance is poor and easy to bond, and the sanding efficiency is low.

(1). Large-scale "desktop windmill sander", but due to the low sanding efficiency, inconvenient replacement of the abrasive cloth, and poor operation, there are fewer and fewer people.

(2). Small: electric angle grinder, pneumatic angle grinder, electric hand grinding wheel, pneumatic hand grinding wheel, electric electric grinder, starting electric grinder, bench grinder, etc. These small sanding grinding instruments are compact and easy to carry. It is easy to operate and widely used in all walks of life. But the efficiency is still low.

2.Belt sanding

Belt sanding is also called sanding. It has the advantages of good heat dissipation, high sanding efficiency, wide application, suitable for sanding planes and relatively regular objects, but sanding of shaped objects is not easy to operate.

(1).Manual operation of belt machine, such as: vertical belt machine, horizontal belt machine, vertical horizontal belt machine, shock belt belt machine, vertical lying belt machine, portable belt machine, sling The belt machine, etc., these devices are relatively simple to operate, but there is no automatic feeding system, and can not be automatically docked with the assembly line. The manual operation is labor intensive, low in efficiency, but low in cost, so it is the most widely used.

(2). Sanding machine with automatic feeding, such as: woodworking heavy sanding machine, woodworking overhead sanding machine, primer sanding machine, stone sanding machine, steel plate sanding machine, glass sanding machine, etc. The common feature of the model is that there are automatic feeding system, multi-grinding head organic combination processing flexibility, high degree of automation, can be connected with automatic assembly line, high production efficiency, but high cost.

3.Scouring pad, non-woven cloth, cloth wheel polishing

It is characterized by low grinding and high sanding process. It is mainly used in polishing process.

(1). Manual use: grinder, angle grinder, etc.

(2). It can also be manufactured in the form of a roll. The organic fusion is used in an automated sander.