What is a fuel gas steam boiler?

- Sep 04, 2019-

The fuel (gas) steam boiler is a steam boiler that is fueled by diesel or natural gas. It is divided into a vertical fuel (gas) steam boiler and a horizontal fuel (gas) steam boiler. The vertical fuel (gas) steam boiler adopts the burner down mode, the two-pass structure, the fuel combustion is sufficient, the boiler runs stably and takes up less space, and the flue pipe is inserted with a spoiler to slow the smoke exhausting speed and increase the heat exchange amount. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and reduces user's use cost; the horizontal fuel (gas) steam boiler is a three-way pyrotechnic tube structure with a full-humid back-flow and a three-way reciprocating tube structure. The flame is burned in a large combustion chamber with a slight positive pressure, and the combustion heat load is low. The combustion heat efficiency is high, the exhaust gas temperature is effectively reduced, the energy saving and the consumption are more economical, and the corrugated furnace and the threaded tobacco pipe structure are adopted.

1.It is equipped with a special computer controller for steam boilers. It has a full Chinese, large screen and strong backlit LCD display. It has rich display functions and can display the operating status of the controller and the collected pressure and water level accurately and intuitively. The control function is complete, with automatic control functions such as boiler water level intelligent control, steam pressure control, limit low water level alarm and interlock protection, high water level alarm prompt, steam pressure super high alarm and interlock protection. It is quite convenient to use. It can set two states of continuous and timing. The timing can be divided into 4 time periods. The boiler can be turned on regularly and shut down regularly. There is no need for a full-time furnace. Usually, just press the "Start" button to start the machine, press the "Stop" button to stop. It's easy, it's very simple.

2.The use of imported burners, automatic program control, automatic fan cleaning, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion of oil and gas, automatic adjustment of wind oil (gas), good atomization effect, full combustion, low NOX, energy saving and environmental protection. Under normal conditions, when the boiler steam pressure reaches the set value, the burner automatically stops burning. When the steam pressure is lower than the set value, the burner automatically starts to work. When the fuel, abnormal air inlet, etc. occur, the fault light is on, the program control device will immediately stop outputting the fuel, and the burner will automatically stop.

3.The vertical steam boiler adopts the burner under-burning mode. The fuel is burned in the furnace under micro-positive pressure. The high-temperature flue gas is radiated and heat-exchanged in the furnace, and then enters the convective heat transfer of the pyrotechnic tube. Finally, it is discharged through the upper smoke box. . The flue pipe is inserted with a baffle to slow down the flue gas discharge speed, strengthen the heat exchange, ensure the heat generated by the fuel combustion to heat the boiler water to the greatest extent, and greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler; the design and manufacture of the horizontal steam boiler body adopts three Return, wet back, eccentric hearth, asymmetrical structure, corrugated furnace, strong flame disturbance, and increase the radiation heating surface, strong heat transfer coefficient, and can effectively prevent equipment due to thermal expansion and contraction of metal Reduced life.

4.The whole machine has high degree of automation and perfect safety protection. The operation process is fully automated, with automatic protection, water shortage, over pressure, automatic power off and alarm, leakage protection and other safety protection systems.

5.Using glass wool for the whole body insulation, light weight, good insulation effect, less heat loss;

6.White color plate packaging, beautiful appearance, bright color, good sealing, rust resistance;

7.Mechanical and electrical integration, occupying a small space, the overall fast loading factory, easy to install and use.

8.The products are comprehensive and fully produced and manufactured under the supervision of the national boiler management department. They can pass the inspection according to the relevant implementation standards and can be sold in the warehouse to ensure high quality.