What is a fuel steam boiler?

- Aug 13, 2019-

A fuel steam boiler is a steam boiler fueled by fuel (such as diesel). It is divided into a vertical fuel steam boiler and a horizontal fuel steam boiler.

The vertical fuel-fired boiler adopts the combustion engine under-position mode. The two-pass structure has sufficient fuel combustion, the boiler runs stably and takes up less space. At the same time, the smoke pipe is inserted with a spoiler to slow the smoke exhausting speed, increase the heat exchange amount, and the boiler has high thermal efficiency. The utility model reduces the user's use cost; the horizontal fuel steam boiler is a three-way pyrotechnic tube structure with a full-humid back-flow and a back-flow, the flame is burned in a large combustion chamber with a slight positive pressure, fully extended, the combustion heat load is low, and the combustion heat efficiency is high, effectively The exhaust gas temperature is lowered, the energy consumption is reduced, and the use is more economical. The corrugated furnace and the threaded tobacco pipe structure are adopted, that is, the heat absorption intensity of the boiler is improved, and the heat expansion surface of the heat exchange surface is satisfied, which is scientific and reasonable, and durable.