What is a fully automatic dispenser?

- Nov 25, 2019-

Dispensing machines, also known as gluing machines, dispensing machines, glue machines, glue filling machines, etc., specifically control the fluid. The fluidized machine can be applied to the surface of the product or the automatic machine inside the product to realize three-dimensional, four-dimensional path dispensing, precise positioning, precise glue control, no drawing, no leakage, no glue. Dispensing machine is mainly used for glue, paint and other liquids in the product process. Accurate point, injection, coating and dripping to the precise position of each product can be used for dot, line, round or arc.

Including micro-computer precision dispensing machine, LED digital dispensing dispenser, automatic suction suction dispenser, drawing cycle dispensing dispenser.

A mechanical device used to apply glue to the surface of textiles. Mainly:

(1) Horizontal gluing machine or double-action gluing machine. The textile is coated with a film through the slit between the applicator knife and the work roll, and then the solvent is volatilized by the platform heated by steam to leave the glue layer. ;

(2) Drum coating machine. There is a hollow metal drum heated by steam instead of the drying table;

(3) Vertical or inclined type leaching machine. After the textile is immersed in the glue, the excess glue on the surface is scraped off by the coating knife and the pressure roller. After the vertical or inclined drying table, the solvent is volatilized and the residual glue is left. Floor;

(4) The desktop coating machine sprays paint such as glue or paint onto the material by air pressure. The equipment adopts three-axis linkage, automatic operation, and is equipped with computer programming control path spraying.