What is a vertical steam boiler?

- Sep 25, 2019-

The vertical steam boiler integrates various domestic furnace types to improve the technology, and has absorbed the international advanced technology to introduce the new generation of horizontal fuel (gas) boiler. The design of this product has been declared national patent, and the boiler body is sealed by the shell and the pot. Shell, U-ring, furnace, furnace head, cross pipe, and sky tube. The boiler adopts the traditional combustion technology, the medium is injected from the furnace door hole, the upper part of the grate is burned, the flue gas is cross-crossed by the cross pipe in the furnace, and the fine carbon black and dust particles contained in the flue gas are rising. The smoke that is blocked by the multi-layer pipe, the speed of movement is reduced, re-burned on the grate, and burned out is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

The boiler grate is placed on the upper part of the U-shaped lower leg in the furnace, and the flame directly flushes the furnace and the curved water pipe installed in the furnace; the structural characteristics of the vertical curved water pipe boiler are: the inner curved water pipe is installed in the furnace, and the radiation is heated. area. However, due to the large degree of water cooling of the furnace, the furnace temperature is correspondingly reduced, and therefore, it is generally suitable for burning high quality coal. For example, refractory bricks are added in the furnace to keep the furnace at a higher temperature and burn poor coal. The water circulation is good, and all the parts washed by the smoke have water cooling, and the whole structure is elastic.

The combustion part adopts a double-layer grate combustion chamber, which is heated and boosted quickly, and has a function of full combustion, smoke elimination and dust removal for the unburned gas after secondary combustion. The curved water pipe arranged on the upper part of the furnace body is a convection heating zone. The grate tube and the furnace cone arranged in the lower part of the furnace body are radiation heating zones, the furnace body structure and the flue gas flow, the layout is reasonable, and the heat transfer is good. The boiler has reasonable design and simple structure. It is easy to operate and maintain, has a small footprint, and has less capital investment. It is one of the ideal equipment for small enterprises and institutions to produce steam and heat.