What is plywood hot press?

- Jan 09, 2020-

Plywood hot press machine is suitable for small-scale wood-based panels neutral furniture factory or secondary processing (the professional veneer) plant. Veneer pressing machine, bis veneer pressing machine, single veneer pressing machine, characteristics: fast heating hot system, heating system, thermal system segment carefully designed light, heat energy is low, heat evenly; means arranged to reasonable, high precision machining parts, wide adjustment range of process parameters, reasonable control process designed to meet the requirements of the various veneer production. Thermocompression bonding may be used to plate furniture, building partitions, doors, and various wood-based panels.

Veneer press series models for normal or small furniture factory working on panels (professional veneer) plant for thermocompression bonding plate furniture, building partitions, doors, and various wood-based panels such as plywood, blockboard, MDF, particleboard pressed against the surface of decorative materials: decorative paper, fabrics, melamine fireboard, metal foil, synthetic and natural veneer, natural veneer parquet; not a single-plate leveling drying, color decorative chips leveling, amorphous.