What saw blade should be used for plywood sawing?

- Oct 17, 2019-

With the increasing demands of users and industry, professional plywood saw blades have been born in the field of plywood cutting. At present, the common specifications for general plywood saw blades are 250,300 outer diameter saw blades, usually 80T, 100T, 120T. So what is the difference between plywood saw blades?

Conventional plywood saw blades generally use left and right teeth, so the cutting efficiency is fast, but can only be applied to plywood processing with low cutting requirements. Therefore, the professional plywood saw blade has the tooth shape and cutting efficiency of the saw blade adjusted according to market demand.

Professional plywood saw blades are made up of two pieces, which is a set. Each set of saw blades is divided into three left and one right toothed saw blades and three right and left left saw blades. A typical plywood saw machine has four pieces installed at a time, that is, two sets. There are also eight pieces, that is, four sets of plywood saw blades.

The tooth shape of the professional plywood saw blade achieves the precision and smoothness of cutting, and also improves the cutting efficiency, so it is favored by the market.

Plywood saw blades are commonly used in specifications and sizes:

Features: Smooth cutting surface, no burrs.


1. Applicable: plywood fixed length cutting and cutting

2, suitable for machinery: plywood double end trimming machine, push table saw

3, cutting materials: plywood, solid wood composite board

Outer diameter (D) Number of teeth (Z) Tooth width (B) Inner diameter (d) Thickness of the saw body (b) Tooth shape (c)

254mm 100 3.2mm 25.4mm 2.2mm 3 Y1Z

254mm 100 3.2mm 25.4mm 2.2mm 3 Z1Y

254mm 120 3.2mm 25.4mm 2.2mm 3 Z1Y

254mm 120 3.2mm 25.4mm 2.2mm 3 Y1Z

300mm 100 3.2mm 25.4mm 2.2mm 3 Z1Y

300mm 100 3.2mm 25.4mm 2.2mm 3 Y1Z