Why are hydraulic machines so powerful?

- Jun 04, 2020-

Foreword Hydraulic machine is one of the most widely used equipment in product molding production, and it is also an ideal molding process equipment. Especially when the hydraulic machine system has the function of individually adjusting the pressure, stroke, and speed, the hydraulic machine can not only achieve The processing of symmetrical workpieces, and the scrap rate is very low, compared with the mechanical processing system, it has great advantages. In recent years, the working principle of the four-column hydraulic machine has been more developed with the development of microelectronics technology and hydraulic technology, and the hydraulic machine has further developed. Its high technical content has increased. Why the development of the hydraulic press is so powerful that it has improved the quality and productivity of product processing. The performance of the main cylinder of the hydraulic press directly affects the overall technological level of the hydraulic press. Through careful analysis and theoretical research to solve the problems in the design structure of the vulnerable parts, the overall strength of the hydraulic cylinder can be achieved, and the process level and service life of the hydraulic cylinder application can be improved. Therefore, careful and rigorous design and calculation of the main cylinder of the hydraulic press is of vital importance to the design and production of the hydraulic press. In this paper, the design and verification of the main structure of the hydraulic press and the main structural components are carried out, the main parameters of the main cylinder of the hydraulic press are calculated, and the results are analyzed and verified. Therefore, we strive to make the main cylinder of the hydraulic press meet the requirements of the production process, improve the technological level of the hydraulic press as a whole, and improve the design level of the hydraulic press to a new stage. Hydraulic Overview This chapter focuses on the overall situation of the hydraulic press