Why do we use the plywood sander machine

- Nov 18, 2020-

Fully automatic sanding machine and sanding are synonymous. They both refer to the physical removal of materials and objects that are uneven, uneven in thickness, and do not meet process requirements through emery cloth, grinding wheels, sandpaper, scouring pads, non-woven polishing wheels, etc. The method is to make it smooth and flat, with uniform thickness, and a method to make it meet the standard. It is used in the production of veneers, the production of standard structural parts, the toy crafts industry, the decoration and furniture industry, the floor wall panel building material industry, and so on.

"Sanding machine", as the name implies, is the mechanical equipment used to complete the sanding work. It involves a wide range of categories in the industry, but the industry generally refers to the automatic feeding system as the sander, and the others are called the belt machine and the grinder. , Polishing machine, etc. Product description: Feeding speed is 5m/min. Performance and features: This machine is suitable for sanding of planks/wood squares, and can also be used for sanding of primer plates, with good sanding effect and high precision.