20 Openings Hot Press Exports To Indonesia

- Mar 06, 2019-

20 openings Hot press includes oil cylinder, hydraulic station, hot oil temperature control system and electric control system. The mainframe is made of tray(up), the tray(middle), the tray(down) and columns. There are 20 layers hot plates which is designed for S-shaped to make sure the temperature uniformity. The both sizes of each hot plate is support by the holders to sustain on the ladder and guide.

After finished the installation for the Mechanical parts, hydraulic system, electric control system, please clear away the sundries on the hot press(especially for the surface of  the hot plates),electric cabinet, hydraulic system and so on and paint oil to the guide holders(middle tray), holders and ladders(for hot plates).

2、Turn on the power and observe whether the power indicator and the voltmeter meet the requirements or not(360-410 v).Observe if the touch screen is displaying well.

3、Open the temperature control switch to make sure it's good running. Turn on the manual circulation pump switch, confirm it's running well. Open the manual inlet oil switch, confirm the electric 3-way thermostatic valve opening and closing with electricity

4、Restore the original factory Settings on the touch screen and load the hot press process parameters.

Main technical parameters(20 openings hot press)

1. size of overall:5236*2905*1000mm

2. total weight:9.732T

3. movable beam:1.685T

4. size of hot platen:1350*2700*52mm

5. layers:20

6. daylight:80mm

7. normal pressure:450T

8. size of oil cylinders:3*320

9.closing time:23s

10. falling time:24s

11. heat-conducting medium:steam

12.temperature control system: Functional Scheme of Secondary Circulation

13. Energy Consumption:26/pc

11. total power:45KW

12. working pressure:380V  50HZ

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