2020 WMF International Woodworking Exhibition

- Sep 03, 2020-

At present, my country's new crown epidemic prevention and control has achieved major strategic results. In the next stage, we must adhere to the "six guarantees" and promote the "six stability" and comprehensively promote economic and social development while focusing on normalizing the epidemic prevention and control. As an important part of the national economy, the wood-based panel industry is doing everything possible to reduce the impact of the epidemic and speed up the recovery of production and stable enterprise development. The task is arduous and time is pressing. As the most influential industry exchange platform in my country's wood-based panel industry, "National Wood-based Panel Industry Development Seminar" has been successfully held for 18 sessions. The "Nineteenth National Wood-based Panel Industry Development Seminar" is scheduled to be held in Shanghai on September 6, 2020. At the same time, the "2020 Shanghai International Furniture Production Equipment and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition (WMF International Woodworking Exhibition)”, “China National Expo (Shanghai)” and other exhibition activities

This seminar will invite industry leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, and industry elites to actively participate in the conference to analyze and study the impact of the epidemic The development of the world and the internationalization process of China’s industry, especially the impact and impact of wood-based panels and its industrial chain, explored in the country’s economic stimulus policies and the accelerated development of emerging industries, and in the construction of a new development pattern that promotes both domestic and international cycles. How to realize the breakthrough and stable and healthy development of wood-based panel industry.

CEO(MR HUANGYONGBING) from zhangzhou Xinhuacheng group (Zhangzhou Xinhuacheng Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Xiamen Muzhiyuan Imp &Exp Co.,Ltd) will attend and share his ideas about wood-based panels and its industrial chain. 

What is the current domestic epidemic situation in China?

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