Analysis Of The Principle Of Hot Pressing Machine

- Jul 17, 2018-

Hot-pressing machines are used in the heating and pressure of the safe clothing method, mainly applicable to the zipper double-sided adhesive Hot Melt and bag cover and pockets of the garment industry, but also due to hot painting and pyrographic and other such industries.

The main technical solution is: The pressure machine installed in the body inside the lever can be twisted lever shaft in the machine body swing back and forth, on the other side of the lever, install a set of hot-pressing pieces, the lever and the manual are connected together, the manual device installed on the same edge of the switch set, and then the switch connected with the pneumatic equipment to the body of the hot press. The operation of the hot press is very simple, the operator can use the equipment of the manual device to control the cylinder, when the hot plate and work surface to reach a certain distance before the pneumatic device can be opened, to a large extent, because hot pressing machine hot and so on. 

Thermal reflective material in hot press, working beams, thermal insulation, hot plate, cooling device and circulating pump equipment structure and the use of heat insulation, thermal reflection and cooling water cycle, and other columns of the process, greatly improve the hot-pressing equipment in the technical aspects of the results achieved, on the one hand, save a lot of heat energy, On the one hand also ensure that the hot plate in the process of work is not easy to lose the problem, so that the temperature of the upper and lower panels can be consistent, to a large extent, improve the precision of the hot plate operation. The main structure of the automatic hot pressing machine is the track, the upper and lower mode and the correlation transmission device.