Hot Pressing Machine

- Jul 17, 2018-

◆ Basic Content

Is aimed at SMT production using a device, mainly for the FPC,LCD LCD screen, Zebra paper electronic products hot-pressing welding, now the industry has widened a new project, that is the HDMI data line hot-pressing welding and get good use effect.

One of the domestic in Dongguan, a very good job, and imported hot press generally choose the United States imported hot press.

1, due to different products, heating speed can be selected

2, the special material welding head, guarantees the product to be subjected to the pressure average

3, equipped with vacuum function, adjust the bit easier

4, temperature numerical control, clear precision

5, equipped with digital pressure gauges, can be preset pressure range

Hot Press Working principle: A 2000W transformer is used to produce a large current with a low voltage, which is quickly heated by a welding head.

Pulse current is the ratio of on and off frequency, the larger the pulse ratio, the larger the current output, the faster the welding head heats up.

◆ Hot Pressing machine classification

Pulse hot pressing machine, constant temperature Press