How To Control The Deformation Of Veneer Plate In The Process Of Pressing Machine Effectively

- Jul 17, 2018-

A lot of hot press manufacturers should know, veneer hot press plate deformation is the most likely to occur in all mechanical faults, and many manufacturers to solve this problem is, when the problem when the solution, the lack of a certain system methods and timely consideration of the failure to solve the solution.

In our normal operation of the machine is particularly prone to cold when the warm-up will be caused by the deformation of the situation, the main impact has been preheating when the temperature rise too fast, heating uneven.

In the process of production will appear individual slab density is too low, short slab and leakage of a series of slabs, etc., resulting in too much pressure on the thickness of the hot plate caused by deformation.

There is another aspect is in the operation of the workers did not timely discovery to the slab and the front of the hair board collision, resulting in the front part of the slab of fiber accumulation produced a plate of not smooth and unloading the plate rack of the card board.

The final situation is that condensate emissions are not smooth enough to cause the temperature is not good control and heating the transmission unevenness, so that each part of the hot plate can not reach a unified temperature. In general, the veneer hot press sheet deformation is mainly to see each of the key parts of the artificial and running the entire process, as long as the grasp of these aspects, it will certainly be able to reduce a lot of unnecessary fault generation.