Laminating Hot Press Has Been Installed In Indonesia

- Feb 25, 2019-

The short-period laminating hot press is one of the featured products in our company which has simple structure, easy operation and maintenance for pressing the melamine impregnated paper to particleboard and density board.

1. The line is of transverse structure and easy to stall and transport for saving costs. All parts are processed with equipment precision. The thickness of the middle and high-density particle board is above 9mm.

2. Mechanical balance synchronization technology is adopted to make the hot press closing quickly and steadily. The main cylinder which has passed 31.5MPa pressure test adopts the combination seal structure. The seal is reliable and long use.

 3. The hydraulic oil circuit adopts the high oil tank and the large diameter filling valve that realizes closing rapidly with short time.

4. Hot plate has high precision and small temperature difference which can meet the requirements of high quality product.

5. The device configuration is flexible and various configuration structures can be implemented according to users' requirements.

1:This 1600T laminating hot press has been installed in the Indonesia.And our technicians delivered some photos for us reference.

laminating hot press7

2:Equipment List as following:

5Hot press1
10Electronic control system1
11Hydraulic control system1