Our Old Friends Visiting The Factory

- Apr 01, 2019-

Plywood hot press machine can also be used for laminating melamine paper on finished plywood .


Plywood is the ideal product widely used in all kinds of furniture,office supplies,combination speaker , packaging exhibition and other industries.


Main sections of plywood production line include peeling section, veneer drying section,gluing section, cold press section,hot press section, saw edge section, sanding section.....etc.


The thickness range of plywood is generally the 2.4-28mm, board width is generally 915-1220mm. We can design and manufacture any size according to users’ requirements.

Technical parameters, 600ton for example:

Nominal pressure(T)600T
Into the board directionTransverse
Number of layers(layer)20 layers
Layer spacing(mm)80mm
Number of hot plates21 pieces
 hot plates size(mm)1350*2700*52(double in double out ,Q345)
Number of cylinder3 pieces
Working Stroke(mm)1050
No-load closing time(S)15
Low-pressure pump flow250*2(L/min)
Allowable pressure(Mpa)≤3
ower (Kw)15*3
High-pressure pump flow25(L/min)
Allowable pressure(Mpa)≤25
Pressure relief valva500
Overall dimensions(mm)LWH3600*1370*4500
Control modeAutomatic and Manually
Hydraulic valveVigor 
Framework formGantry Framework
the plate thickness of main part framework(mm)30mm
Column Width(mm)400
Total weight(T)50T