The Hot Press Heating Method We Used

- Jul 17, 2018-

 For some large plate processing enterprises, how to improve the stability of hot press equipment production and production efficiency is that they need to focus on, because it will directly affect the production plan they made. So we are normally in normal use, also have to master the performance of mechanical equipment, in general, we operate in hot press, should be in operation before the equipment advanced line preheating in the work, and the traditional sense of the type of heating has been used in the different models of the hot press now.

So today, the small series probably summed up our commonly used to improve the heating mode can be divided into two kinds.

The first is the hot plate can be from both sides into the gas, and then from the middle of the exhaust, the second is the hot plate can be in between the gas, and then from both sides, so we should install staggered installation, so you can make the hot plate to achieve uniform temperature, can also improve the performance of the index, can be said to be two birds.

But there is a point is that we need to pay attention to, is in the pressure plate must be placed in the trapezoidal plate surface, but also to make the middle of the hot plate to achieve the same spacing, about 40 to 80 mm interval distance between. Each device will be the same as the work of the life of reducing the use of the lifespan, so only we in peacetime use of the careful maintenance of its proper use to extend the device's performance, this is very important.