Welcome To Visit Our Factory

- Mar 14, 2019-

   Xinhuacheng machinery manufacturing company specialized in the the woodworking machine for many years,like the hot press,cold press,saw,laminating hot press,glue spreader ,glue mixer etc..There are many customers from over the world visiting our machine factory.We have to say that the plywood factories we also have which helps us to make the machine better and our customers are also willing to visit the plywood factories,because we can communicate and change ideas each other about the woodworking machine or the plywood aircraft.We all know that different wood have different processing technology.

    Like China,the main plywood is made from the Eucalyptus which grows fast in the south of east.

Our customers will ask one questions about"how many cylinders does it have in the hot press".For example,if the pressure is 500tons,we will suggest that 3 pcs of 280 is better than 2pcs of 360,according to many experiences from your plywood factories for 10 years.Why we say that.When finished the pressing,the pressure uniform of 3 pcs oil cylinders is better than the 2 pcs.But this is our company opinion,if you have any other views ,welcome to discuss it.

   These pictures took last year.They are from Indonesia and interesting in 30 openings hot press with loading system.It shows that our factory has a good producing capacity.So welcome to visit our factory.

hot press

hot pressing