What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hot Pressing Machine Heating Method? What Are Their Skills Indicators?

- Jul 17, 2018-

Hot Press heating mode, which is mainly steam heating, electric heating and heat conduction oil heating these three kinds. For steam heating, although its heating up quickly, but it needs to use the pressure boiler, and the pressure in the pipeline is relatively high, heating temperature is prone to uneven phenomenon. But the electric heating, although it has the high heating temperature, the heating high and the control simple and so on advantages, but its electricity consumption is bigger, and the expense is high.

Using heat conduction oil heating, it can achieve under normal pressure heating, and high heat capacity, heat loss is small, and the heating temperature is more uniform.

The technical indicators in the hot press, which are generally two, are:

echo Speed: The faster the requirement is, the better it will be to improve the machine's productivity. Welding accuracy: The higher the requirement is, the better, this is conducive to the accuracy of the operation.