What Are The Main Parts Of A Hot Press? Why Is It Exceeding The Set Temperature?

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. Hot Press, it is what is composed of, what is the role of the difference?

A: Hot Press, its main components are:

Rack: Mainly used to support the hydraulic cylinder and hot plate and other components.

Hydraulic cylinder: Mainly for reciprocating linear movement.

Hot PLATE: Mainly to pass the pressure and heat.

Heating system: It is mainly used for heating.

2. How to change the pressure head of pulse type hot press?

A: Pulse Hot Press Press the replacement of the head is very simple, as long as unplug the sense temperature line plug, and then loosen the fixed screws, then can be hot-pressing the replacement of the head, the installation is in reverse order.

3. Why the hot pressing opportunity exceeds the set temperature? 

A: This is mainly to see whether the temperature sensor and thermostat is normal, if they are normal, then the general Hot Press will not appear over-temperature phenomenon.